Beauty by Nature™ is a prestige natural hair care & hair styling experience that caters to the maintenance, styling, and health of afrocentric hair with the absolute most researched, cutting-edge techniques and top-tier organic natural hair care products on the market today.

With a stellar reputation as a leader in afrocentric hair care, Beauty by Nature™ required an intensely creative approach to their advertising collateral that would continue to forecast their position as the marquee brand within the natural hair care industry while simultaneously relaying to the consumer their down-to-earth roots and humbleness.

A gold & marble motif was decided upon early in the creative process as a very  strong visual foundation for which to build upon the brands high class reputation. To allude to their down-to-earth attitude and commitment to hard work and the pursuit of perfection, a slight newsprint halftone effect was applied to the imagery and applied alongside the addition of worn, rough paper texture to signify the brands history of tradition and respecting ones own history in order to build a more prominant future.
A strong, minimalist approach was used for the marketing material to counter-balance the eye-popping double exposure imagery of the models that were integrated with beautiful nature photographs, subtle water colour splashes, and ingenuously applied halftone and paper textures.

Very subtle hints of purple were integrated into the final image processing to align  with the brands desire to continue positioning itself with hints of royalty, class, and high elegance that is grounded in their desire to provide the very best in services and to be at the very top of the natural hair care industry.  

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