Objective + Process:

Create a logo that was representative of the themes of unity, regality, and prestige that centered on relaying oneness and harmony with elements that would be able to relay that messaging to the audience effectively when used together and apart.

Execution + Results:

The EGO brand has two very distinctive design elements that communicate the message of the brand when used together but that also relay key proponents of the brands meaning when used apart. 

The first of these elements is the stylized, interlocking circular rings that make up the word "EGO" which personifies unity within oneself. This was based off of the Borromean Rings and their ancient meaning of unity.

Secondly, the eagle has always been and endearing symbol of freedom, awareness, and vision. These tenants are three very pivotal elements that the brand maintains as a constant in all its visual and copywritten materials. 

In its relation to its combined usage with the EGO wordmark, the added element of the eagle placed above the interlocking EGO letters stands for rising above one's own sense of self and continued improvement and attaining of new levels of enlightenment.

Finalization + Fruition:

Upon completion, it was fundamental that the minimalist design work was shown in practical applications. It was decided that musicians would be the first individuals shown with the use of the brand as merchandise.
Closing + Finale:

EGO aims to be a hub for the creative community to engage in sharing their respective talents in a collective of positive and conscious-minded people.

It needed to have a minimalistic design that highlighted the individual and yet, at the same time, expressed the ability to transcend ones own sense of self to a greater sense of awareness and being.

In order for this to be achieved, simplicity needed to be the driving force behind the construction of this brand and two distinct elements needed to be brought together in a cohesive manner in order to properly illustrate the deep subject matter at hand.

Intentionally, the brand needed to convey a sense of mystery and prestige simultaneously in order for the elements not to be interpreted in an egotistical and/or pretentious manner due to some of the negative connotations that can sometimes be attached to the word ego.

In closing, the mystery of oneself is not always something to be solved but a constant creative endeavor for which a person(s) can be thankful that they have the opportunity to embark on that journey both by themselves and with others. 

The process, the work, and the creative transfiguration of oneself is always worth it.
Eternal • Grind • Omnipotent

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