Objective + Process:

Create a logo that was mysterious and yet simultaneously conveyed the unbridled love of creative freedom in a way that alludes to Canada but that refuses to alienate other markets.
Execution + Results:

Wildheart Nation has a series of logo variants for different uses and applications. A brand guidelines package was needed to ensure that all marketing, advertising, and foreseeable promotional uses was accounted for and anticipated. 
Finalization + Fruition:

Once the foundation for the Wildheart Naton brand's visual identity had been laid, it was paramount that the brand was immediately shown cohesively across various products and media to solidify the reality that it can effectively look and 'feel' right in any application.
Closing + Finale:

Wildheart Nation has aspirations for their brand to be the 'mysterious benefactor' of new and exciting intellectual properties (IP's) in North American and abroad. 

It needed an assortment of elements to work in perfect harmony with each other.

For the final concept to be considered perfect, it had to resonate on a deep, personal and emotional level with the brand's creator.

Additionally, it had to reflect the creative aspirations of Canadians (and non-residents of Canada) in a generalized way that was reflective of Canadian ideals but didn't isolate creatives the world over.

It had to be extemely cool that the brand resonated with youth; it needed to reflect the confident, mature middle-aged individual who was successful in never letting the creativity of their inner-child die; and lastly, it needed to reflect the resilience of the aged veteran who still, at heart, is a free spirit.

This is Wildheart Nation.
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